A Note From Our Founder

As a single father who lived and worked in a different city from my son, it wasn’t feasible to own a car in both cities, so I opted to take the progressive route and use a couple of different car sharing services.

Car sharing works well as a single professional when I was in my home city. However, there are some challenges when I was fulfilling my role as daddy – namely the car seat.

I spent more than my share of time with car seat in one hand, and toddler in the other, walking through the streets of Toronto to track down my newly reserved vehicle and realized that I can’t be the only one having these challenges. Through a couple of business trips, I saw fellow travelers trying to balance their child’s car seat on their luggage, and occasionally on their head, which confirmed that I wasn’t the only one.

Looking in the market, I found a couple of bags designed to carry a cart seat, but that basically amounted to plastic bags with straps attached - that were not suitable or comfortable to carry a seat with pressure-moulded hard plastic base. I thought a bag that could comfortably and safely carry the car seat, but also collapse down for daily use once you’re at your destination would be a much better option. Thus the Liambro Car Seat Carrier was born.

I hope you enjoy!


Wil brooks,