Travelling with Toddlers in 2021

Travelling in 2021 with Toddlers

The end of the pandemic is in sight! And now, we’re looking onwards and upwards to our vacation getaways and family get togethers. With new babies born during this crazy time, and eager grandparents waiting to finally meet their little ones, planning a trip is at the top of a lot of our lists.

Trips are now being planned to visit aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents – and even some great grandparents! But what does the landscape look like? How has taking air travel changed – and what kind of new challenges are we facing while hopping on a plane with a little one?

We’re here to help. We’ve distliled a list of what to keep in mind for your first trip with your baby to ensure that it goes as smooth as possible.

  • Mask Up
  • Double up on Snacks
  • Triple up on Diapers & Clothes
  • Rent a car, but bring your own car seat

Mask Up

It’s tough to keep masks on toddlers – we get it. We’ve had an entire year of trying to get our toddlers to wear their masks. And for 5 consecutive hours on a flight?! It’s definitely tough. Here’s the trick: make mask-wearing something they want to do. Allow them to pick their favourite colour, pattern, and make it a fun game.

Additionally, make sure to bring a handful of additional masks so they can swap for fresh ones. Putting on a fresh mask is at least a little better than wearing the same soggy mask throughout the flight.

 Double up on Snacks

 Especially now with last-minute travel changes, the last thing you want is a starving toddler. Make sure to bring extra snacks in the case of any flight changes or delays to ensure that your child is happy and doesn’t go hungry.

Carry-on: Clothes & Diapers

 As parents, we know to always bring a back up. But what happens with the back up soils? Always bring 3-4 back-ups while travelling, because you never know what will happen on a 3+ hour flight. On top of that – make sure to double up on diapers with your carry on. Similar to the above, you never know of flight changes or delays.

 Bringing Your Own Car Seat – and Keep it Protected

 Yep, now you can easily bring your own car seat! Renting a car is the first step in avoiding germs, but the car seat provided by rental companies can be unsanitized , ill-fitting, and unsafe for your little one. Avoid this risk and bring your own seat, and keep it safe throughout the flight.

 The Liambro Carrier allows you to safely pack up your car seat, keep it protected throughout the flight, and keeps your child safe in a new car. On top of that, the Liambro Carrier attaches to your suitcase, or can be worn as a backpack, for a hassle-free travel day. The Liambro Carrier reduces the hassle and risk of a car seat rental, and allows your child to be safe throughout your trip.

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